How To Repurpose Your Candle Jars

Tired of throwing out empty jars from your candles? Ever wish that they could be put to better use? Fear no more, we have some tips that can put those empty jars to good use!


 Here are 10 easy tips to repurpose those empty candle jars.


 For our first tip we have drinks. After taking out the remainder of the wax and cleaning it you can repurpose your candle jar for use with drinks. For a better look you can decorate it or keep it plain. Now you have the perfect container for your next get-together, party, or game day. You’ll have a simple jar to keep your drink fresh.


 The second tip just as great as the first is for storing money. Save up for your next vacation or simply save up to buy yourself something nice.


Our third tip is for makeup lovers who can’t seem to find enough containers to store everything. An empty candle jar could be your solution. Your candle jar can be a great way to access all your favorite brushes, cosmetics, and essentials without having to search through countless draws for them.


Moving up the list in fourth place we have batteries. Personally, I think this can be beneficial to gamers or just anyone losing their newly bought batteries. Gone are the days of opening a fresh pack of batteries, using two and losing the rest. Store them in a jar to make finding them a breeze. It’ll save you a late night trip to the convenience store as well.


The fifth tip I have for you is food. Not just any food but dry goods used in cooking like beans, spices, rice, and the list goes on. Assuming you have a lid then it is nice storage alternative for your counter to keep your ingredients safe secure and also add some décor to the space. If you lost your lid, a simple rubber band and cloth can still make your jar suitable in this scenario. Any storage for food is considered a good use.


The sixth tip is also food related. What a coincidence (we may just be getting hungry). Your empty candle jar can become the next big thing for your condiments. You and others can easily store packets of any condiment and take them on the go or at home. There’s nothing like a little sauce for your food. Save yourself from squeezing the last few droplets of your favorite sauce by just storing the packets you get for free anyway.


The seventh tip is a good one for office, students, and even kids. Desk decoration. Store those pens that get lost as soon as you put it down and even incorporate them into your desk design for an added vibe.


Onto our final three and number eighth is nail polish. Yes, this one is similar to the cosmetics. When you are busy deciding your color, there isn’t time to search through a cluster of nail polish looking for that ideal one to dazzle your nails, use a jar, it’s way easier to pick something that you might like that’s carefully arranged.


The ninth tip is planting. A Gardner’s best hack when needing to try something new is planting a seed in a jar using soil and water. It’s unique and definitely something that is worth it once it starts growing.


The tenth tip is Jewelry. It’s a fancy way to store your rings, bracelets, and necklaces when you’re tight on space or need something to spruce up your room. We’ve covered so many tips and I can only hope these help you to be more economically friendly and re-use your candle jars.


Saving the planet is a conscious effort we can all make to still enjoy the things we love while reducing our ecological footprint.


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